Karmakamet Diner
Chef Jutamas’s passion in food started not in the kitchen, but at the family’s dining table. For her, meal time is the happiest moment when everyone in the family connects and bonds through food. However, she took a long way round to become a chef. Initially, she was an art student with a degree in printmaking – lithography from Visva – Bahrati University, Santiniketan in India. Her deep-rooted passion in food steered her away from professional artistic pursuit and led her to train in several kitchens before returning home in Bangkok to open Karmakamet Diner in 2013, followed by Karmakamet Conveyance in 2018.


     Besides passion and perseverance Chef Jutamas also cites her background in fine arts as one important factor that helps enhance her culinary creativity, because “perfection lies in the attention to little details. Chef Jutamas translates her family meal time experience to her establishments’ elaborate dining halls with honest and complex dishes made with meticulous techniques and finely sourced ingredients to delight her guests.

   “I believe in a perfect meal with people I love. I guess it explains the relationship we have, and for that reason I returned back to the kitchen and to the food business. I love seeing the happiness of people when they dine, and I always want to do whatever I can to make them even happier,” Chef Jutamas says.

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