Fresh Oyster THB. 590

6 pcs. Majestic Oyster from Ireland


Oyster Kiss 1 piece (A MUST TRY) THB. 290

An innovative imitation bite of Thai’s street food called “Hoy-Tod”

18 hours rice vinaigrette marinated Majestic oyster, topped with crisp duck egg pancake,

homegrown sprouts, a dash of hand pounded chili-garlic sauce


Avocado Mango and Shrimps (Possible without shrimps) THB. 590

Avocado, fresh & sweet mango in contrast with horseradish-sour cream,

butter seared tiger prawns


Tuna Tartar Avocado THB. 490

Fine diced Yellowfin tuna tossed in combu infused mirin-wasabi dressing,

a bed of lime-coriander avocado, roasted tortillas sheets

Hamachi Crudo THB. 590

Japanese amberjack, Nappa cabbage salad, oyster mayo

Squid Ceviche THB. 590

Fresh calamari stuffed shrimps, lemon zest, citrus jus, chive cream, wild rocket


Spanish Mackerel THB. 690

Tenderly baked Spanish mackerel, crisp duck skin, crisp pork belly,

eggplant caviar, tapenade, champagne glaze


Pan Seared Red Snapper THB. 790

Pan seared red snapper, Karmakamet ratatouille, seared white banana prawns,

white bean stew, tapenade, chili oil


Chilean Sea Bass THB. 890

Spiced spinach cream, mushroom, monkfish liver pâté


Poached Maine Lobster THB. 1,390

Poached lobster, filled foie gras and crab meat, bone marrow – madeira sauce


Diver Scallops THB. 590

Seared diver scallops, orange sauce, beautifully puréed avocado


Classic French Onion Soup THB. 490

Sumptuous rich onion broth from beef stock & Portugal port wine

crunchy French baguette filled melted gruyère cheese


Foie Gras Truffle Miso Soup THB. 590

Foie gras – truffle infused miso consommé richening with fresh cream


Salted Old Fashion American Donut & Squid Rings (A MUST TRY) THB. 590

Pan fried shrimps, oyster, clams, capers, red onion, garlic, sundried tomato,

topped with salted old fashion donut, delicious battered squid ring


Beef Tongue & Crisp Fried Shrimp Cake (A MUST TRY) THB. 790

12 hours signature braised beef tongue in beef jus, deep fried baby shrimp cake


Summer Chicken THB. 690

24 hours Australian Riesling marinated chicken breast,

baked and served on coconut & orange supreme, green apple-celery marmalade


House Smoked Duck Breast THB. 790

Crisp skin house smoked duck breast, cherry duck pâté, perfect carrot stew


Banana Split In The Clouds THB. 490

A choice of vanilla or strawberry cheesecake or dark chocolate almonds ice-cream,

Banana, rhubarb cake, cookie, sprinkles, topped with our FAMOUS COTTON CANDY


AOC Camembert Donut (A MUST TRY) THB. 390

Old fashion American donut, AOC camembert dip, vanilla ice-cream


Refreshing Lemon Cake THB. 360

Tasty lemon cake, roasted bell pepper, lemon curd,

butter cookie, lemon confit, vanilla ice-cream

Fig Pudding THB. 360

Moist fig pudding, coffee caramel, vanilla ice-cream


Upside Down Apple Caramel Cake THB. 360

Traditional upside down French apple tart on our original crust,

sour cream, vanilla ice-cream


Classic Orange Crème Brulee THB. 330

Seasonal fresh fruits

Ice Cream (Haagen-Dazs) THB. 260 per scoop

Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Almonds


(Choices of Dried or Fresh Hand cut Spaghetti)

Perfect Tomato & Melted Buffalo Mozzarella THB. 490

Al Dente de Cecco Penne, perfect tomato ripe tomato sauce,

melted buffalo mozzarella


Rayong Pici Noodles (Bah-Mee) THB. 490

From a memory of Rayong’s fisherman village noodle stall. Hand rolled miniature pici noodles, garlic oil, fresh mackerel, fresh calamari, unbelievably tasty fish wonton, crisp baby shrimp cake, flavorful pickled cabbage


Manila Clams THB. 590

Spaghetti, clam fume, mild gorgonzola cream, parmesan, flambé Manila clams

A La Bottarga THB. 690

Spaghetti, bottarga, pork belly, crisp garlic, spring onion cream

Mud Crab THB. 1,190

Linguini or spaghetti, 600g. whole mud crab, pickled artichoke, garlic confit, tomato confit, garlic, basil


Pork Loin THB. 690

Baked juicy roulade of pork loin, baked potatoes,

mustard cream, egg & pork pâté salad


Roast Beef THB. 990

Corn bread, onion- mustard glaze


Tenderloin – Foie Gras – Crap Patty THB. 1,290

Grass fed Australian beef tenderloin grilled to your liking,

gorgonzola crab patty, crisp seared foie gras, madeira glaze

280g. Wagyu Beef Rib Eye THB. 1,990

Perfect #8-#9 marbling of wagyu grilled to your liking, gratin dauphinoise,

ponzu mustard, wasabi sauce, jalapeño puree


Lamb Racks THB. 1,290

Lamb racks grilled to your liking, Sautéed season fruits,

ponzu cream, red wine reduction